4th July 2014

Garcia's was created with the interest to preserve the mexican culture and traditions, in and out of the country. Due to the globalization and the continous opening of the mexican economy this is getting closer to our reach. Because of that, we have as mission to export mexican craftmanship, created by artisans of different parts of the country with the best quality, be it for decorative ends or for daily life use. Our competitive advantage is based in the originality of our products.

Turism has represented one of the most noble and healthy fields that Matamoros, Tamaulipas has. People travels more every day, considering that the ways of transportation have been diversified and augmented.

México has great jewels that must be exploited from a turistic point of view, besides is important to know how to capitalize the fact that we are counting with the most strong and powerful neighbor in the world, wich results benefical as a plus.

Garcia's it's family group whose his mission is to offer the quality and services the customer deserves.

Garcia´s Restaurant, Matamoros, Tamps.
Fiesta Bar
Social events hall
Craftmanships, Pharmacy, Jewelry, Liquors
Gran Residencial Hotel
Best Western Residencial Inn & Suites Hotel
Craftmanships Regave Branch, Matamoros, Tamps.
Restaurant, Craftmanships Branch, Nuevo Progreso, Tamps.

Group Mission

Create a vertical gate of México, to be a know online reference point, for the search of knowledge enriched from our prehispanic and colonial culture, as the mexican craftmanship and fabrication processes, going back to the most importan archeological sites and turistical centers of our country.

Garcia's commited with México, wants to provide the best service and quality in its products, promoting the belief that Internet is the easiest, comfortable and safest way to shop.

The business model: a vertical portal www.garcia-s.com is developing a portal concept where it provides commerce, content and community directed to the B2C (Business to Customer). We have developed a concept where it combines content, community service and transactions directed to all those who wish to better know México, its culture, landscapes, turism, and above all the beauty of or craftmanship.

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Alvaro Obregón #82 Col. Jardín, Matamoros, México
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